The Salt Lake Criterium is Utah’s Street Party Bike Race. Brought to you by community partners and sponsors.

Bespoke Rigs For Overlanding and High-Top Sales & Installation.


Lets get you out there!

At Wasatch Overland, we have the capabilities of getting you in to a fully functional overlanding rig, for as little as $52,000.

Are you ready?  If so, let us know.

When you visit Salt Lake, there’s more than just bar hopping. (Yes, you can do that here.) You can explore the mountains sure, and probably hike and camp until your toes fall off. But if you’re after a vacation that really lets you get to know Salt Lake, you should know that we don’t do anything by half-measures. You can get your fill of history, explore the great outdoors, live like royalty, and even take part in some truly “Only in Utah” activities.

The Utah Sports Commission was created to be a catalyst for Utah in its Olympic legacy efforts and to help enhance Utah’s economy, image and quality of life through the attraction, promotion and development of national and international sports. Since the 2002 Olympics and Paralympics, the Utah Sports Commission has attracted nearly 900 major events to the state. The Sports Commission works closely with communities, sports entities, and organizations to provide event services ranging from the bid process, on-site logistics, volunteer coordination, sponsorships and promotional opportunities and other related services. It is a not-for-profit 501(c)6 business league and Utah Sports Commission Foundation, a not-for-profit 501c3 charitable organization, is governed by an all-volunteer Board of Trustees consisting of statewide sports, business, community, and government leaders. For more information, visit

At SCOTT, cycling is our passion and that’s why we spend so much effort and energy to produce some of the best bikes in the world. Mountain bikes, road bikes, electric bikes, gravel or cyclocross bikes and even city bikes and trekking bikes. We cover pretty much everything you can dream of when we speak about cycling. And as we like to see everyone happy, our range contains models for men, women, teenagers and even for kids. Just pick your riding discipline and find the perfect bicycle.

University of Utah Health is the only academic medical center in the state of Utah and the Mountain West and provides patient care for the people of Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, western Colorado, and much of Nevada. It also serves as the training ground for the majority of the state’s physicians, nurses, pharmacists, therapists, and other health care professionals.

Consistently, ranked #1 in quality in the nation among academic medical centers, our academic partners at the University of Utah include Schools of Medicine and Dentistry, and Colleges of Nursing, Pharmacy, and Health, which are internationally regarded research and teaching institutions.

Our team is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment for our staff, students, patients, and partners. Learn more about our community involvement.

At First Endurance, we understand the sacrifice, dedication, and preparation that goes into every race. We rely on research-driven innovation and technology to help discerning athletes reach new levels of performance.

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Our patented formula lasts longer and keeps your drivetrain cleaner. We leave all other bike lubes in the dust.

Hangar 15 Bicycles has always been involved in the cycling community. Mike, along with friend Scott Miles, hosted a race series for several years in the mid-90s.  Many trails they built in Corner Canyon for those early races are still in use today. Hangar 15 Bicycles has both a road and mountain team, along with a junior development team. 

The Hangar 15 Bicycles – Shimano Elite Road Team gives local racers the opportunity to race on a bigger stage. We sponsor many NICA high school teams at various levels.  A number of Pro continental road cyclists entered the Pro cycling racing through the Canyons Bicycles pro team. 

We have grown into 5 store locations, and while it’s hard to catch Mike on the sales floor today, he is just as involved as he was on day one. Still working six days a week to ensure Hangar 15 Bicycles offers the best customer experience possible. 


KÜHL’s story as an independent brand began in the snow-covered peaks of the Wasatch Mountains. Relentless weather and challenging conditions taught us that if you’re courageous, remain humble, stay hungry, are kind to your community, then the independents will thrive. We don’t have shareholders or VC investors. Our livelihood depends on you and your satisfaction with our product. We never forget it.


We’re all trying to work efficiently: articulated knees, gussets, stretch panels, reinforced pockets, and cuffs–we want you to feel the durability and long life. We design KÜHL clothing to move and keep up with you.


As a privately held company, we prize our freedom to choose and remain true to our ethics. Our goal is simple: source responsibly, provide a higher quality of living for all involved, and make the best damn product with the least amount of environmental impact.

Everyday Cityworks is used by communities around the world to improve their infrastructure and the services they provide, resulting in a better quality of life for the more than 80 million citizens that inhabit them.  

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