The Salt Lake Criterium is Utah’s Street Party Bike Race. Brought to you by community partners and sponsors.

At SCOTT, cycling is our passion and that’s why we spend so much effort and energy to produce some of the best bikes in the world. Mountain bikes, road bikes, electric bikes, gravel or cyclocross bikes and even city bikes and trekking bikes. We cover pretty much everything you can dream of when we speak about cycling. And as we like to see everyone happy, our range contains models for men, women, teenagers and even for kids. Just pick your riding discipline and find the perfect bicycle.

At First Endurance, we understand the sacrifice, dedication, and preparation that goes into every race. We rely on research-driven innovation and technology to help discerning athletes reach new levels of performance.

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Our patented formula lasts longer and keeps your drivetrain cleaner. We leave all other bike lubes in the dust.

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