Pro Rider Housing


Amateur and Pro Racers can take advantage of our partnerships with many hotels in Salt Lake City.

Pro Racers may also be interested in our Host Housing program. We are thrilled you have chosen to visit our beautiful state of Utah and participate in the Salt Lake Criterium.

As always, we will prioritize host housing for Pro Cyclists on a first come first serve basis from when they sign up. Once you sign up your team we will work to find you housing.

These placements will also be subject to current Covid-19 guidelines (if any) as well as those under effect in July 2023. It is our goal to notify placement of host housing by June 2023.

Please include in your housing application:

  • Names and genders of all riders
  • Dates housing is needed for
  • Any allergies within the group
  • How many vehicles will you be bringing
  • Any other pertinent information

Interested in hosting a pro cyclist? Fill out the form OVER HERE and we will match you up with a Pro Cyclist and/or Pro Team.